this time last week...

...i was on the beach in barbados! mummy and i had planned on updating you throughout our trip but alas, it never quite happened! for one mummy left the camera cable at home....

anyway - we went to barbados for my aunty funke's 40th birthday. there were 17 of us there and we had a fun time. i got to meet lots of my aunty's and uncles, and my granny was there too. i will share lots of pics with you once they have vetoed the ones that shouldn't go up - the vanity is in the bloodline! for now, here's mummy and I on the beach, enjoying the 28 degrees celsius heat!

after this we went for a spot of tennis, and mummy unleashed her inner 'Serena' much to the tennis balls' dismay. one by one she successfully launched each ball over the boundary fence, into an unsuspecting neighbour's back garden. lets just say she's sticking to fashion.

me with my granny. i was trying to record the tragic last moments of the balls life to be uploaded onto youtube...

afterwards we went for a dip in the pool which was right outside our door! here i am giving mummy some tips on winning at tennis...

i soon gave up and carried on swimming..

then i watched myself eat a biscuit :)

what i wore:

dress - baby gap (from aunty segs)

hairband - obaibi

swimsuit - monsoon 

find here

what mummy wore

dress - Lipsy 

hat - gap

sandals - primark