food glorious food!!

mummy was starving late last night and decided to do one of the 2 things one shouldn't do when hungry: look at pictures of yummy food. the other one is grocery shopping. well, she looked at the pictures of the food they ate at my aunty's birthday. she stroked the camera and smiled at the food and pretended to eat it. she told me that when they were kids, she and her cousins would flick through my granny's food magazines and point at pictures and whoever said 'MINE!' first got to 'have' that meal. obviously, the meal didnt appear - it was just 'theirs' in word. apparently many a bust up proceeded when someone claimed they said 'MINE!' first. punches would fly. real ones....over imaginary food. 

well..i made it perfectly clear that i had no interest in playing this game. all i wanted was my milk and bed. i left her to it. she muttered that she and her cousins weren't that bad..she heard a story of 2 brothers who were discussing what they'd do if they found a dollar on the floor whilst walking home from school. the issue go out of hand when one of the brothers said he wouldn't share it. the other said 'but i found it!' next thing they had a punch up and had to be separated - over a dollar that wasn't even there!

hmm...i think my mum's generation was deprived.

shrimp & mango salad

crab crepe

roast duck leg on nest of oriental salad with rice noodles

oven roasted mahi mahi

sauteed prawns in thai curry

Champers coconut pie

white chocolate cheesecake

warm bread pudding

mummy tried to bite this picture...down mummy, down!

looks like i better go and sort her out! obviously leaving her with too much time on her hands!