paris finale: no romance without finance

 on the last day i decided it was time we went somewhere i wanted to go for a change. i tried telling mummy and daddy where to go but no matter how much i said it they just smiled back. i knew they didnt get it, so i decided to direct them.

mummy just had to stop to have her picture taken

then one with me - but i kept my eye on the prize

even tutankhamen couldn't take me off my path - straight ahead daddy!!

ok mr, make it snappy!


come on, lets go! 

AT LAST! Now THAT is what I'm talking about!! 

yes. everyone take note. if he like it then he better put car-ti-er on it! 

i showed daddy that this is all i'll ever accept from any man in my life - including him. 

now we could leave paris.

i wore :

cardi - next

leggings - gap

tights & shoes - zara baby

hair band - pumpkin patch

mummy wore:

jeans - gap

top - warehouse 

blazer - kookai

shoes - office