paris day 6: the real hustle

saturday in paris and mummy was a woman with a plan. we were off first to a vintage shop called reciproque on rue de la pompe. once mummy established there were no bargains to be had in this legendary vintage emporium, we jumped on the metro and headed for le marche saint pierre. it turned out to be right next to le sacre couer - the famous church. the path leading up to it was lined up with hustlers getting people to guess which cup had a card hidden under it to win 50 euros. thankfully mummy and daddy had watched the real hustle and so they knew it was a trick. you had to bring out your own 50 euros in order to bet on the cup you wanted. it all looked so easy - double your money just by guessing! we'd never seen so many supposed 'ordinary passers by' who just happened to have 50 euro notes in their pockets. hmm. and they were all winning! and urging mummy to have a go. mummy laughed. they told us to move on. and so we left. 

at the market, mummy picked up some fabric for some trousers she wants to sew. that was in a store called Reine. from there we jumped on the metro again and headed to the kookai discount store. mummy found a lovely linen jacket which she swiftly wore the next day!

the daily portrait 

me and daddy's card, i'm ready to shop! daddy made the mistake of showing me the card and i refused to let it go.

the beautiful arc

le sacre couer

the stairs leading to the church - we didn't go up this time. mummy said when i'm like the little girl in the background, then i can go up with my own two feet!

i wore:

cardi - next

leggings - adams

hair band - obaibi

mummy wore:

jeans & sweater - gap

coat - topshop

handbag - mulberry

shoes - office

one more to go...xoxo