Paris Day 5 - Let the sun shine, Let the sun shine!

once mummy had seen there were prices that could really make the eyes water, she decided to go back to the local mall and check out what we could get within our budget. we took our time and found some really great baby clothing shops. one thing we found is that baby clothes there are really well coordinated. little dresses come with hair bands/scarves and hair clips, little socks with fabric trim etc. over here, little boys clothes tend to come with a hat or sandals (check out next), but never girls clothes. 

our favourite was one called 'obaibi' / 'okaidi' - click here for website.

mummy bought lots of little clips and hair bands and even a swimsuit with matching hairband! the prices weren't bad for accessories. once we struck gold here, there was no stopping mummy - we kept finding more little shops. she even bought me a pair of sunglasses! the cardi i wear in the pics below was from vertbaudet - click here for website. as mum kept soaring higher and higher, one store made it their business to clip her wings: petit bateau - click here for website. Yummy clothes, not so yummy prices. 36 euro for a top?! what! did I mention that was from 36 the time we found my size, mummy's jaw was on the floor.

we had got what we needed anyway, so off we went with our mini-haul. later on we checked out of Renaissance Hotel and moved to Le Meridien in the centre of Paris - time for a weekend of fun!

look at mummy gripping my hands just to get a picture with them on!

finally they are off!! 

mummy & i ready to go and hit the shops

road-testing the bed at Le Meridien hotel

they gave me a little 'teddy-bank' as a gift when we arrived!

L'arc de triomphe with my daddy

and with mummy!

bisous! bisous!

back at the hotel and mummy just couldn't resist trying out my new clip on one of my little clusters of hair!

final paris post coming soon!! xoxo