Paris Day 4 - baby in the city

ok - i have been really bad at finishing off updating you on the paris trip. however i have had a lot going on. as you must by now be aware - i have 2 teeth, and more are coming through. mummy seems to forget from time to time but my loud screams soon reminded her!

 so back to paris....

after a day of sitting around cursing the euro, mummy decided we needed to check out central paris. galleries lafayette to be exact. this was thursday - late night shopping. perfect! or so she thought...

 for some reason mummy didn't quite realise that this place was the harrods/selfridges of paris. needless to say 5 minutes into our arrival there and we were pretty much done. daddy took one look at one of the price tags under the shoes and sat down.

we spent the next hour admiring the architecture of the building - it is stunning! mummy just stared at the ceiling for ages - that, and the people laden with shopping bags all around her. i've never seen her surrounded by shoes and staring elsewhere. we made it to the top floor where mummy's smile returned as she saw prices like 10 euro. it was for tourist tat, but she was happy again! 

Leaving La Defense, take 1 - to get the mega pram down the escalator........

Take 2 - riding in the baby carrier! Yay!

mummy before being slapped up side the head by the prices - oh the innocence!

back at the hotel, desperately trying to remove the ball and play with it

can we take it home mummy?

i wore:

leggings - baby gap (in the sale)

cardi - next

hair band - pumpkin patch

mummy wore:

coat, jeans & shirt - topshop (old)

ballet pumps - office shoes

bag - mulberry

so in summary, if money is burning a hole in your pocket, go shopping at galleries lafayette. we saw people shopping in the like they were in primark so clearly you are out there! if you also love architecture and art, it is a beautiful building. if however, you are likely to want to throw a tomato at someone going 'hmm this is stressful...i love them both, maybe i'll take it in both colours' when talking about a 1000 euro shoe, don't go there. 

day 5 is coming up shortly....just touching up :)