paris day 2 & 3

ok day 2 swiftly came around...and this time mummy was determined to make it beyond the borders of the  hotel. breakfast was done with swiftly and 'homes under the hammer' watched on BBC1 which was available in the hotel :). La Defense has 2 malls - much to mummy's delight! off we marched with gusto - well - mummy marched carrying me in the baby carrier. we made it downstairs and mummy realised she would pass out carrying me all back upstairs we went.

take 2! i chilled in my 4x4 pram as she pushed....reminds me of 9 months ago..hmm.

anyhoo..mummy's senses were highly anticipating the joys that awaited  within the mall. 


basically, we found every store we could find in the UK. the prices were horrific said mummy. as you know, she loves zara - over there goods that are £29.99 were euro 39.90 or sometimes 45 euro. mummy was quite distressed. we marched in and out of other stores and found the same issue. even with exchange rate considered that's ludicrous mummy said. boring. massimo dutti was the worst. mummy's obsessed with some shoes that are £89.90 - in paris they were 139 euro!! long and short of it - we bought nothing. and due to this distress mummy and i chilled elsewhere on day 3.

i finally got my hands on the e45 lotion! yes!

lets have a look at the ingredients

can i eat this?


come on CeCe, time to get some moisturiser

in the evening, daddy took us to dinner to cheer us up :0)

top, leggings & socks - baby gap

shoes - zara baby

hairband - pumpkin patch