paris day 1!

i woke up to a knock at the door. i heard a man's voice who clearly wasn't my daddy......and mummy said he could come in! next thing i saw a tray piled with platters and yummy food! phew! that became a daily occurrence for the week. mummy was so happy to be able to eat 3 meals a day that she didn't have to cook, or clean up after!

 mummy was super energised after that breakfast (yes, she finished all that!).  she bathed me and dressed me and we had our photoshoot!

leggings - baby gap

top - zara baby

'are we done now mummy?'

'have you got the shot now mummy?'

 we only made it as far as the lobby on day 1! as i said in the previous entry, mummy didn't follow her instincts and just buy a cheap lightweight buggy. instead we dragged my mega-pram which was not underground friendly :(. we hung out in the lobby where we got free internet (7 euro/hour in the room!). i made 2 new friends from Iran :0).

mummy ended the day as she had begun - by eating herself into a stupor! here is her decadent 'opera cake'  & cream.

daddy read me my peekaboo book whilst mummy attended to her rapidly increasing appetite!

and now i am off to get daddy to hold up that mirror at the back of the book again!