i'm mobile!

hey peeps! well, what a busy week it was for mummy and i! our diary was packed and i was loving watching aunty's come and go! but...the highlight of my week came on tuesday morning. after weeks of bum shuffling, doing the worm on the floor, and crawling backwards - i finally cracked it!

have you ever been in dat situation where you end up under the chair?? (

sung to this tune!


back under the chair - again!!

 i crawled down the corridor in one triumphant go! from that point on i was unstoppable! i've been exploring every nook and cranny! i can even fit under mummy's bed! perfect hiding spot.  i have been going around the house pointing out bits in need of urgent DIY attention to daddy. and just when mummy thinks she can't sweep the house anymore, i point out that she missed a spot. this is great! the best thing is when mummy says 'come!' and i go off in the opposite direction - because i can! 

as you can see, i don't have to sit around - bye mum!

leggings - baby gap

top - zara baby

cardi - next

bib - funky giraffe bibs

 i love this - and guess what? taking my picture has become a whole lot more interesting. she definitely can't plonk me on the coffee table anymore. neither can she expect me to just sit still! i have toooo much catching up to do!  did i mention the first thing i did after crawling into the living room was to stand at the coffee table? i'm practising cruising now - before you know it i'll be really mobile....hmmm...

 hello washing machine buttons....

ok, back to practise!


p.s to see what my mummy wore yesterday go here: 

Styled by Tanaka

- she said i'm getting a little too big for my boots now i'm mobile - so i gave her a time out.