Bonjour Paris!

finally...i am able to update you on our fabulous trip to Paris! we did actually carry our geriatric laptop hoping to regularly update you from the comfort of our hotel room. did not quite happen.  it needs to be recycled - asap! we are! 

so...mummy packed up everything but the kitchen sink! literally! when the driver arrived to pick us up his face said it all. 

after he'd managed to squeeze 2 suitcases, my super-pram, 2 other bags and then us into his car, we set off for Eurostar! mummy was already exhausted by the time we got to st pancras station - just the thought of lugging all that stuff plus me was getting her anxious. daddy was not smiling at us at all.

 as much as mummy had dreamt of sashaying through the station  looking as carefree as Victoria Beckham does at LAX, it wasn't happening...for a start we didn't quite have 2 people to carry each bag for us. 

me chilling in my ride at st. pancras station

me doing a few spoon tricks to entertain mummy & daddy on the train. mummy had visions of the eurostar being plush and luxurious. instead it turned out to be almost worse than her trains to work...the only plus was she was at least guaranteed a seat on this one.

 i wore:

shirt & shorts - zara baby

cardi - cath kidston from aunty jen & aunty braid

mummy wore:

knitted top - warehouse (on sale now for £12 - 

click here


jeans - topshop

finally at gare du nord, Paris! i was too tired to care - CeCe was clearly happy though :)

 in the lobby at Renaissance hotel, La Defense

road - testing the bed

 taking a walk to  daddy's office so he would know where to go in the morning. we loved sitting under the grand arch everyday.

chilling in my playpen with all my friends who came along with me!

i'll be telling you about the adventures of the week in the next post. for now let me tell you quickly what you don't ever need to take with you when travelling to paris:

1. a huge pram

2. bottles, steriliser, HUGE jar of formula when staying in a hotel!

3. a huge pram

au revoir xoxo