it's mum's party and i'll cry if i want to

it was my mummy's birthday last week. on the day i woke her up at 6am with the loudest scream i could muster. then to make sure she was really awake, i did a dirty nappy. once that was changed i did another one. look, i was making sure she really experienced the whole only comes once a year. anyhoo, i'm a lady so enough talk about nappies!

dress - gift from aunty studu & solloh
cardi - mamas & papas

There was a problem with mummy's camera setting hence the mega-glow on her top.  she's not a celestial being!
jacket - vintage
jeans & top - gap
shoes - faith shoes (old)
bag - mulberry

it was a lovely day in the end for mummy as we served her her favourite breakfast: cash in a card. she spent the rest of the morning floating around the house muttering about how it was going into her mulberry fund. fast forward 2 hours and there she was in Zara carrying a pile of clothes worth way more than the cash she received. **sigh** looks like there's only one way she'll be getting another one of those bags...and I'm not having it!!

back to the drawing board. bye!! xoxo