28 days later...

if there's one thing mummy loves more than the joy of shopping, it's the 28 day refund opportunity. 

so, as i mentioned before, daddy and i gave her some cash on her birthday which was supposedly being saved for a mulberry bag. that was before we walked past zara and she popped in for a white shirt and left with...well, lets just say more than a white shirt. 

fast forward a week and marni for h&m was launching and she decided that it was worth more than the zara stuff so she decided she'd be buying that instead and returning zara. 

fast forward to Sunday and mummy somehow convinces daddy to drive up to bicester using her feminine charms.
we are going where??

my pretty shoes from aunty tinashe

she made sure we all ate first when we got there even though i could tell she was desperate to get into the one shop we all  came here for. she tried to look relaxed as we finished eating even though in her head she was picturing a herd of tourists from the far east doing a stampede into that shop and clearing all the stock. 

the things little CeCe and I endure in the name of fashion
after what felt to mum like an age, we finally left - and she made a beeline for the shop. 
so fast was she moving that she went straight past it. she had to walk back and there it was: MULBERRY. 

She sped in and her eyes zeroed in on the bag she'd been pining after - and it was on sale! result! and that cash was spent a 3rd time as the marni for h&m stuff paled in comparison to this!  
"I will return the marni stuff as soon as it is delivered", she told daddy as he looked at her suspiciously.

 so there you have it - the refund policy was designed with my mummy in mind! i'm just glad she got that bag - looks like there's no hurry for another baby now!

mummy and her handbag yesterday

there has been a slight change of heart with mummy - as you can see this cardi is from the marni for h&m collection! didn't quite get returned - apparently this is her mothers day gift to herself......hmm - i smell something, and it aint coming from my diaper!

morayo-hope wore:
cardi, top, shoes, tights & shorts - zara baby
Doll - mamas & papas

mummy wore:
cardi - marni for h&m (if you love it keep checking on the site as people are starting to return things now)
jeans - 'valencia' wide leg jean by made in heaven
 bag - mitzy hobo, mulberry (discontinued, replaced with the Effie - view here )