my own space - at last!

so this week i got to move into my own room! i am so happy, soon i'll be able to ban her from it! but for now i am putting my mummy through her paces. she can't just have it easy all the way! 

my bear from aunty michelle in australia watches me sleep :)

night 1: i relaxed in the cot whilst mummy was there. when she left i screamed like i did the day i arrived on this earth. she came and sat in for a good hour. sleep got the better of me but when she tried to tuck me in - bam! i woke up. she caved and i got to have a nice snuggly night with mummy!

night 2: undeterred mummy tried again and this time i decided to cut her some slack and stay put. however i ensured she came in frequently - every hour and a half from 8 till 4 in the morning! by 4 she was shattered and she just took me to her room! we woke up at midday!

night 3: i felt sorry for mummy so i did the same thing as the night before - but only till midnight. at midnight i then slept right through till 5. then woke up to do my usual early morning 1 hour singing session. mummy promptly picked me from my room and decided to snuggle with me in her room instead of listening to me on the monitor!

does this look like the face of someone who gets up to mischief?  never!

well, i'll keep you posted on the progress! mummy highly recommends this Angelcare monitor for when baby is finally given some freedom! its fantastic as it monitors my movement and singing and an alarm rings if nothing is detected for 20 seconds. It is cheapest on for £74.99 but mothercare will price match instore. 

ok, off to plan tonights strategy! xoxo
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