Bow Selecta!

happy friday! well it's certainly been an eventful week...starting with my first ever valentines day....

there we were, mummy and i, chilling in mummy's bed (oblivious as usual to the time of day but vaguely aware it was about time we got up), when daddy suddenly appeared in the doorway. mummy thought she might be dreaming, but no, it really was daddy in the house at 10am! he'd taken the day off to spend with us. mummy had her favourite breakfast in bed - she said i'd get to taste it in my milk the meantime i had porridge.

mummy rejoiced at being able to have a long bath instead of her usual drive-thru shower. a very lazy day was followed by dinner made by daddy. afterwards, they left me to go to the cinema on a date. i got to have fun with my godmother who'd happily celebrated her valentines earlier in the day to allow mummy and daddy to have a night out. i don't know why she felt they needed one - that christmas party wasn't too long ago! 

ok, enough papping thank you! my monkey is tired!

bow top - zara baby
leggings - part of set from Adams
boots - mamas & papas

I said enough!

how did the week end? well....yesterday we went for a weigh in and due to my preference for milk over solids my weight gain has slowed a little. mummy went straight to the supermarket all guns blazing   intending to spend a tenner or so on some veg and baby food for the weekend. she spotted some deals on Green & Blacks and Haagen Dazs ice-cream en-route to the veg section. round the corner was yet another deal, and before she'd dropped that in the basket she spotted another, then another. £50 later we strolled home weighed down with bags.
 today mummy is looking for baby scales on amazon.

Step away from the monkey.