Baby's Day Out!

so mummy said we were popping out for the afternoon! i was so excited...i should've known that wrapped in this outing was a trip to the dentist. sigh. considering that mummy was trying to cheer me up as my teething has been getting me down lately, a trip to the place that will surely upset me for years to come is hardly the place to start. she said she's trying to let me have positive associations with the dentists. hmm. anyway - here are a few pics from our day out....

mummy wears
velvet jacket - vintage
jumper - daddy's from Gap
jeans - topshop
boots - chloe
necklace- vintage & ring - mango

i wear
dress & shoes - zara baby
cardi & tights- mamas & papas
bib- funky giraffe bibs

yes that is a dribble scarf! if you are going to dribble from teething, have something gorgeous to mop up and  distract onlookers. i found out from my playdate friend mia, and mummy swiftly got me some - we all know she doesn't need much encouragement to whip her card out! check out

bye bye xoxo