so there we were strolling through town, window shopping, when mummy suddenly stopped at a shop window - transfixed. daddy tried to act like he hadn't noticed but mummy is apparently well versed in these avoidance tactics so called out in the sweetest voice: 'oh babe, come and see... something for you!' 

apparently both her voice and the statement were irresistable and daddy was there like a flash. she briefly pointed at some watch or other for men, and then exclaimed 'wow! look at that watch. that would look amazing with everything i own. everything.'  

daddy nearly dropped me as he saw the price tag. 'what?! no matter how rich we get i'd never spend that on a watch.' when we got back to the car mummy smiled at me and said 'thats what he said about the mulberry bag. one day he'll want another child, i'll be ready.'

she consoled herself with this spotty cardi which was promptly worn the next day back to front!

cardigan - mango
cami - topshop
trousers - zara
shoes  - kurt geiger
coat - topshop
bag - vintage (i feel sorry for this bag, give it a rest mum!)

unfortunately mummy leaned on that wall whilst striking a post so the images of the back look like a builder slapped her butt as she was walking past. we'll post some the next time she wears it - rest assured there'll be plenty!