I've got the mooooooooooves like Jagger!

the last few weeks have been quite eventful. i got a viral infection which i successfully passed on to my mum, who in turn passed it on to my dad. i think we've got sharing down to a 'T' in this house.  as a result we've definitely been all over the place in terms of knowing if we are coming or going.

so mummy has been looking after me and surfing the internet like her life depends on it. filling baskets to the brim on all her favourite sites knowing fully well she cant buy anything there. sigh. 

top - from my godfather uncle busoye
jeans - zara kids
shoes - mothercare (from my godmother aunty segs)
do you recognise my favourite cardi from baby gap? i still love it! 
neither mummy nor i remember where we were going when i wore this outfit! it was before the coma inducing virus we all had. wherever we were off to, i was definitely excited. i was practising my moves which mummy caught on camera.

i'll try not to stay away for so long! mummy and i are 100% better and will definitely be posting more frequently. right! back to my moves!