'twas the weekend before christmas..

and mummy had a party to go to...with daddy.
naturally, i was kept in the loop.....not. there i was happily chilling out on a frosty saturday, marvelling at the fact that i hadn't been bundled into the car off on another 'urgent' shopping trip.

i should've known something was up as mummy was giving me extra cuddles and generally floating around in her dressing gown. i was eventually bundled into the car later in the evening and dropped off at aunty inge and uncle theo's house. literally. mummy and daddy were working to what is commonly known as 'african timing'(see below) so dashed in, dropped me, and sped off. 

what ensued was a few hours of me screaming down the house as i wondered where my mummy was. in that same time, mummy was chowing down some sea bass and christmas pudding and thinking 'we should do this more often'! 

well, not anytime this side of the oceans love! i ensured i put anybody else off watching me for some time to come - aunty micx and uncle simon were there too. yep, i had them all singing for their supper. so word will spread thick and fast and now i shall make sure mummy stays with me always.mwahahaha.

blouse - reiss
trousers - topshop
shoes (just seen) - topshop
bag - vintage
bracelet - h&m

oh. just heard my mum chatting to aunty micx. seems she wasn't put off - hmm. she and aunty inge really didnt mind??!!  they'd all love to have me over again??! my cuteness really is my weakness.(ok, ok that was cheesy.) time to bring out the big guns, no time for kisses.

**african timing - whatever time you say, our hearing automatically adds 2hrs