'twas the weekend before christmas part II

so, mummy having had her chance to dress up on saturday night, allowed me to dress up for our last sunday at church in 2011! how i love my little ballerina skirt!

in a way mummy really is trying to squeeze as much wear out of this little outfit as she can. it was bought especially for my grandad's 60th birthday and then i wore it for an impromptu thanksgiving party my parents had. now here we are and i'm in it again - i better not be wearing this for new years eve.

tutu skirt & cardi - mamas & papas
tights - 'name it' at house of fraser

so mummy in her dizziness ended up buying this cardi twice. never one to miss out on a bargain she bought this outfit as soon as it went on sale. she packed it away ready for our trip. that was in July. fast forward to early september and mummy is 'window' shopping in an outlet village and spots this cardi. she excitedly buys it as she says its the missing item to complete the outfit. sigh. non refundable = not a bargain anymore.

now i've learnt to roll over halfway, once i've had enough of mummy i just give her my back ;)

mummy on the other hand had a slightly more dressed-down day. 
here she is laughing  at something. genuinely. this isn't like in those catalogue poses.

boots - chloe
everything else - topshop 

the cold soon sobered her up and she put her coat on. this coat is faux fur and is called 'the roadkill' by aunty tina. rudeness!

right - mummy and I are wrapping christmas presents today! so exciting. I'll fill you in on that shopping adventure in a couple of days. xoxo