Shopaholic & Mummy : The highlight of our blogging year

so...there i was innocently watching another fun episode of 'the numbers' on baby tv when mummy suddenly jumps up and picks me up squealing.

sleepsuit - jojo maman bebe

 ok - so this is not really odd behaviour for my mum. sometimes she'll suddenly look at me and go 'Are you my baby?! Are you really mine?!!' i just look back blankly thinking 'i better be! i was there when it all happened - i do not need post-traumatic distress in later life!' 

 anyway - this day was different. she was reading her email and pointing at it to show me. after more dancing around she explained that someone from a website had emailed to say they loved our blog and wanted to feature it on their blogroll! wowsers! we went onto their site straight away.

we even got this special badge:

 mummy doesn't need much encouragement in the shopping department. to find that they have products from over 400 retailers made my mums shopping radar buzz uncontrollably. she was beyond excited. i brought mummy back down to earth with the reminder that its my wit, charm and good looks that attracted them in the first place ;). thank you shopaholic for making our year! you can check them out here .