Peter Pan

unless you've been hiding under a rock for the last few months, you'll know that peter pan collars are having (as my mummy like to call it) a fashion moment. well, mummy doesn't usually like to wear things when they are at the height of fashion as everyone ends up looking like clones of one another. however she couldn't resist buying me this little top when she saw it...

i do love it - it came in a pack of 2, one pink and one white.

top - zara baby
jeans  - zara baby

much as i love having my picture taken, sometimes all i want to do is watch some baby tv. mummy was desperate to get me to look at her.  so i gave her this look:

she soon left me alone and i carried on with what i was doing.

mummy's tips for shopping at zara:
zara carries 2 different baby ranges. you need to buy their proper baby clothes available from 0months+ (i.e tops with nappy poppers etc). these aren't available in all zara stores. their other baby range (3 months+) is definitely very cute but isn't nearly as soft and doesn't wash as well.

yawn. thanks mum. ok - we are going back online to find my perfect christmas dress. i know! mummy  still hasn't bought it! not good for a so-called stylist. bye! xoxo