have a rosy new year!

so...the year that i will turn 1 has arrived! mummy is really excited. i can see her staring blankly into space - thinking she finally has an excuse to throw a party at daddy's expense. 

on new years eve we went to a house party and i got to watch some fireworks on tv. i had fun bouncing up and down on mummy's lap - i refused to sleep till 2am! hey - i don't want anyone telling me what went down when i can be seeing it for myself!

a touch of bling

cardi - baby gap (from aunty segs)
jeans - zara baby
shoes - mothercare
tights - zara baby

mummy can't wear bangles & bracelets when she has to carry me - it could hurt my head. i think i'd be ok with a flattish watch like the omega ones nicole kidman advertises. #justsaying #daddytakenote #hinthint

dress - primark
shoes - dune
belt - gap
necklace & bag - vintage
coat - topshop

 mummy also says i'll have teeth and soon be able to move around on my own! happy new year indeed. well, for me anyway. i'm not entirely sure why mummy is so excited - if my bites without teeth are that painful then one can only imagine....well, lets leave her be. as for the moving around, well...
hello freedom. we've been expecting you ;)