Christmas Special!!

'twas the NIGHT before Christmas!!
And there was much excitement in the air.

mummy was buzzing. infact, i had the distinct feeling that if something didn't happen soon she might explode with excitement. my aunty funke was flying in to spend christmas with me. ok, not just me - the family (but i know it was just about me really ;) )

bodysuit - baby gap (3-pack)
leggings - zara baby
boots - mamas & papas
ribbon - john lewis

so here i am - all dressed up like the christmas turkey with my ribbon trimming. mummy's hyper mood soon passed onto me and we were just giggling all the way to the airport.

when we got back, the feasting that would lead to the food coma that would lead to a lack of blogging began.

Christmas Day

as soon as i woke up mummy and daddy started singing 'we wish you a merry christmas!' happily. i just stared back at them wondering why my mum wasn't getting on with it and giving me my milk.

next thing we piled into the living room where my aunty had been waiting for us and the grown ups opened presents excitedly for me. they showed me the contents but in fairness i was more interested in that brown paper and ribbon. hmmmm. how does it crackle so well. and that satiny and yummy...hmmm...

alas - my mum recycles this fabric ribbon each year so swiftly rescued it from my gums. i then got my gift from mummy and daddy - a little bracelet. well..little to you guys but as it turned out - really rather big for me.

bracelet - john lewis

you see, mummy bought it online thinking it would fit - it did say christening bracelet. mummy was quite distressed - her dream quashed. as she packed it up she noticed it said 'not suitable for children under 3'.  she rolled her eyes and kissed her teeth. i cant wait till i have teeth to kiss.

dress - mamas & papas
tights - zara baby

so as mummy started the cooking escapade and daddy prepared himself to drive us to my aunty lola's house, i took a nap to build up my energy for playtime with my cousins tobsy & toluwa. it was a fun day filled with much eating all round. And, to crown it all, i rolled over properly for the first time ever! i'm tired just remembering it all - nighty night!