Windsor - The Queen's Country

.........and my daddy's work place as it happens. so, after much badgering from my mum had failed, daddy was won over by a bribe from a work colleague to let me come in. she had come visiting from america and said she had a gift that had to be delivered to me in person. result.

monkey & I ready to go!

mummy used her eyes to judge the outside temperature and decided it looked like a snowstorm was brewing. basically she spotted a bit of grey in a cloud and thought 'perfect excuse to get those new little boots out!' 

there are tights under those leggings!

owl top - zara baby
leggings - zara baby
boots - mamas & papas 
(like i outfit is complete without a bit of moms & pops)

so excited to go and see the queen! 

hooded cardigan - mamas & papas

here's my mum all set for the journey ahead. hmmm...i recognise that bag. remember i said daddy bought it when mummy had me. i don't like it - i tried to make sure i caused her enough pain to ensure i was the only child - this bag is undoing my hard work.

jeans - topshop
jumper - zara
bag - mulberry

coat - topshop
boots - chloe

there was no queen to be seen. nor was there snow. all there was in windsor were 2 black sweaty girls. 1 baby one and one older one...just boiling hot in our boots. use your weather app mum - that's what its for!

afterwards mummy and i did what we do best.......... not talking - the other one. 
look, we need material for our blog! ;0)