purple rain

i think i'm going to love winter! last sunday mummy exclaimed how exciting a season it is. the fabrics, the rich tones of the colours she said. the courdroy, velvet and sequins; the purples, reds and nutty browns! with that she opened up my wardrobe in search of the perfect little outfit for me to wear. 

and here it is - a present from my aunty Tsu.

dress & top - 'name it' at house of fraser 

tights - mamas & papas
shoes - baby gap

ok then. i fear this is a picture that shall come back to haunt me in later life. as daddy finished dressing me, mummy exclaimed i looked a bit like a christmas tree with the patterned tights and sleeves. daddy said there's no better time to look like a christmas tree than christmas. mummy popped a cream cardi over the top and that balanced it all back. phew

so there i was innocently watching a bit of t.v the night before whilst my mum played with her hair - or so i thought. next thing i look up and theres my mum smiling at me - with hair standing up on end. cue screams from me. she tells me this is our real hair. i watched her force a comb through it for the next two hours. and she tells my hair to start growing?? forget that mate!

jumper - zara (available now)
vest (just seen) - topshop
trousers - zara
shoes - carvela
bag - vintage
ring - topshop

i need a good long drink now to forget the trauma of that night. bye xoxo