Oh Happy Day!

my mummy is bouncing off the walls today - she just passed her driving test! to celebrate, i was given my first taste of solid food :0). some yummy porridge! now we get to catch up on our blog - mummy was consumed with test stuff the last few days. 

here's what i wore on sunday:

dress - zara baby
cardi - mamas & papas
hairband - pumpkin patch

i know what you are thinking - it was my christening or baby dedication or something. no. It was just another Sunday at church. mummy is in panic mode worrying I wont get to wear all my pretty dresses enough so now its full steam ahead with everything!

incase you havent noticed - my mum loves brown! in all it's shades! sometimes i think she's trying to go camoflouge - she says the key to wearing one colour is mixing the tones and textures. 

coat - topshop
shirt - zara
jeans - 7 for all mankind
shoes - banana republic
bangles - river island
ring - topshop

hmm..that porridge is kicking in. i am sleepy - time to go! there's mummy on autotrader already..time to get her attention. deep breath and 5-4-3-2-1..............
result! bye xoxo