Holiday Blues

as you may be aware, i was away on holiday. my first ever holiday! i had the best time meeting all my mummy's family and getting lots of cuddles from gogo (granny) and grandpa. naturally, mummy was not about to let us slip up on the style stakes!

here are some of my favourite looks from our holiday:

'sweet holiday' top - zara
cargo jeggings - mamas & papas

i wear
 green playsuit - Primark (£1 bargain!!)

mummy wears
jumpsuit - Lipsy 
handbag - zara (instore now) 
hat - gap
shoes -  Topshop
poor shoes - if topshop had known how much these shoes would suffer in zim they would have stopped her buying them. the few times i cried was on their behalf. bet they're glad we're back and its winter here.

playsuit - monsoon

another victim of the zim trip. **sigh** this garment was on me every other day. literally. i was changed into it  as we landed in Harare and it was washed before it even cooled down from my body. then before it could cool down from ironing it was back on me. i know i'm growing, but not that fast mum.

i wear
cardi - mamas & papas
cargo jeggings - as before
socks - i dont know why, i was boiling!

mummy wears
top - topshop
trousers - warehouse
shoes - don't get me started.

i just have to share 1 story! you see that lipsy jumpsuit mummy is wearing? well as we walked down the highstreet in Harare some people started smirking and asking eachother why my mummy was wearing a babygrow! hahaha! that'll teach her for stealing my style ideas.

ok - milk time and bed for me xoxo