Friday Night In!

so....its friday! i am sure most of you pretty much shut down at about 12:30 this afternoon. yes, you spent the afternoon looking busy, typing furiously on your keyboard...but really you were sending emails around your social network, deciding where to start off the weekends activities.......or you were on h&m website looking to see if there are any left over items from yesterdays versace for h&m collection! you lose! 

well, i've been home with my daddy today - he was working from home cos mummy had to go to London for a root canal treatment. the never ending tooth saga. anyway, as there's never a break from style, here's what i wore. 

babygrow - baby gap
blanket - mamas & papas

as you can see, it was a lounging day for me. i love the print on this babygrow. 
there's no pic of mummy today - she just about made it out of the house in one piece to catch her 9:30 appointment! she is now back and appears to have a sore here we are all, snuggling up in the sofa watching tv. i am looking forward to some popcorn flavoured milk later!