welcome to the world!

on  friday 24th June 2011 at 2:08am i arrived with a loud scream! 

i was finally out, well - to be honest i was kinda enjoying it in there but i started hearing rumours of my mummy being induced. this isnt big brother, i thought, i refuse to be evicted....so i waited till the last minute and before they could inject her I began my journey out on my own terms!     

                    here i am 10 days into my life on earth on the day i had my naming ceremony.

i wore a gorgeous white dress from Mamas & Papas with beautiful rosebuds. mummy picked it up before i was born, on one of her "Baby you will come out!!" walks into town. she didnt know my sex and was now fed up of buying beige unisex clothes! so when she saw this she bought it and started praying i was a girl - like that would change anything!

check out that detailing
before i wore that dress i had to wear something else incase i messed my pretty dress up. i wore this lovely 2-piece also from Mamas & Papas. its part of their baby essentials range. i am still wearing it now, it has kept it's shape well and feels lovely against my skin! i love it!

 the hat matches and is sold separately

apparently mummy has a beige one she bought last christmas in the sale! 

my mum struggled to find anything to wear that day as her few maternity outfits no longer fit, but her old clothes - well, lets just say her hips refused to cooperate!
she opted for a maxi dress she picked up in primark whilst i was hibernating. she says it's a jil sander inspired dress.

me & my mummy

dress - Primark
ring& earrings - topshop
necklace - from vintage fair

thats all from me for now, time for some milk and bed :0) 

p.s all my photos were taken by my uncle Ade - he's a fashion photographer ;)