the night mummy went out

so, mummy decided she was ready to step out and enjoy a night out with the girls. it was my godmother, aunty Tina's birthday. i was not 100% sure at the time what this would entail. i did however become suspicious when i saw only one outfit on the bench on thursday night.

we went out to town on the friday so i figured she was buying me a new outfit. she did, but i soon found out it had nothing to do with the night out. it was for my holiday. oh well, the bribe worked! here she is all dolled up!

mummy says she enjoyed wearing something without buttons down the front for the first time in 3 months! 

dress - zara
shoes - office
necklace - h&m limited edition

hmmmm...she better keep those shoes till I'm bigger- they'll come in handy! 

to keep me sweet mummy dressed me up my favourite pyjamas!

pyjamas - baby gap

the look in my eyes says it all - i aint buying it mum! take me with you!

i stayed up till mummy got back  - daddy was not impressed. he should be glad i didn't scream the house down :0)