London's Calling

Yesterday I made my 4th trip on the train to London! It was a treated by my mum as a military operation. The night before our outfits were laid neatly on the bed, my spare clothes packed up and the pram positioned by the door.

In the morning I was washed and dressed up and given that "dont you dare mess up your clothes" look. I decided to just sleep. Next I got to have my daily photoshoot!

Here I am wearing another Mamas & Papas outfit - my mum is a little obsessed! In her defence the dress was a gift from my aunty, Tolu. The cardigan she bought with vouchers :0) She said she obsessed over it for ages then  picked it on sale for £12! My mum loves a bargain!

My mummy was excited as she got to wear heels for the first time as we had the pram. Normally we have the baby carrier but as she was having root canal treatment she figured it was safer to risk just one of us hitting the ground head first from anaesthetic overload, than both!

The shoes she found on eBay after missing out on buying them in the store when they first came out. She has a story about practically every item she owns!! These shoes came out in 2009 and were part of Topshop's AW collection for £85 - they are a copy of this Chloe boot.

She tried them on and fell in love but unfortunately her bank manager didn't agree and she had to leave them. By the time she wanted to buy them they'd sold out.

She hunted them down everywhere but nothing. And to add salt to the wound they were being featured in blogs left right and centre. One time she saw a pair being sold on eBay and they sold for £190!! She even bought a black pair in desperation even though they were a size too big! (My mum once bought a size 14 dress and cinched it with a belt - nothing will stop her!) She finally got these a few weeks ago on eBay brand new and at half the original price! The moral of the story is persistence pays!

We had a fab day meeting the Lipsy girls (my mummy's office) and me getting cuddles from everyone I met :0). Today mummy is nursing a migraine so we are stuck indoors! I think she is on eBay though....migraine shmigraine!

Bathtime, milk and bed for me! xoxo