Denim Daze

another day, another tooth related trip to london town! mummy discovered my denim dress at the bottom of the ironing basket and was nearly freaking out. she says at the rate i'm growing she has to turn my dirty laundry around within 48hrs, somehow this dress had managed 2 weeks! well - it was to be worn without fail!

i decided to take photographic evidence of the military operation the night before any journey beyond the borders of our apartment .

mummy isn't really into the mini me dressing but for this day only we were both to wear all out denim - i didnt mind!

here i am in my outfit :0)

dress - zara (a gift from aunty studu)
top - gap (part of a christmas 3 pack mummy bought for 1.99 in the sale!)
shoes - mamasandpapas (i know)
tights - as above

 to infinity and beyond!

ok so the shoes are white. mummy bought them for my naming ceremony, problem is they weighed more than my leg so she had to give that a miss.

so as she was picking my tights she spotted them in their crisp newness and decided i just had to wear them.street cred 0. now i know why the first words babies learn are mama and no.

here we are on our way back from the dentist.

jeans - topshop
shirt - reiss
bag - mulberry

my daddy bought mummy that bag to say thank you when i was born. i think mummy is already planning the one she wants next...this can only mean one thing. forget milk and bed - i've got a sabotage to plan! bye!!