Before there was me there was bump!

Ok, as we didn't get to go anywhere yesterday I decided to reminisce about my time on the inside...not prison, my mummy's tummy!

dress - asos

Mummy enjoyed the new world of fashion opened up to her by the bump for about....5 minutes! She hated anything with the label 'MATERNITY'. She decided to buy clothes that she would normally buy, just in bigger sizes! Of the looks she showed me these are my favourite:

shorts - Topshop
vest - H&M
Shirt - Zara
Handbag - Zara

funny story - mummy loves that shirt and was happy cos she can now wear it with a belt. the other night we were watching Outnumbered on BBC1 and imagine her shock when the granny showed up wearing the exact same shirt! mummy's jaw dropped and the shirt was moved to the back of the closet! the granny was a funky one though but mummy just isn't having it.

dress - pixie lott for Lipsy
coat - topshop
bag - vintage
shoes - topshop

this is the coat mummy wore the whole time she was pregnant - she says it was  warm enough for walking outside and not too hot on the underground and of my godmothers bought it for her for christmas - i have 2 cos after she gave birth mummy didnt think she'd EVER do that again....apparently thats what they all say..
jeans - h&m maternity
coat - topshop
vest - topshop
bag - louis vuitton
shoes - topshop

i love this outfit - mummy looks like shes a pregnant college student! h&m do the best maternity jeans and bottoms mummy says and they are very reasonably priced too. she had to compromise and buy maternity jeans as there was no getting around the bump with normal jeans.

thats all for today..i am tired - milk and bed for me!