Interview with mummy - Pregnancy Style Inspiration

not very happy today - had to go for some jabs :0(. i would post a picture of what i wore but this blog is a trauma free zone. instead i'll use this opportunity to get mummy to help out some of you who asked how she achieved her cool maternity style. here's what she had to say:

I decided I'd look for normal clothes whose cut would work well on a baby bump. 1st thing was to look for inspiration online - none better than celeb Nicole Richie who did a special range of maternity clothes for the style conscious mum to be.

Here are a few of my favourite looks:

Just love the simple and elegant look.

stretchy, flowy fabrics are a bumps best friend 
Love the denim shorts!! I took this on board and ran with it!

sexy heels = sexy mama (in moderation ofcourse)

maxi dresses are the best! 

Nicole did not change her style - she just adjusted it to suit the way her body was changing. This was my first point to note. Secondly, she layered a lot, this is the best thing to do with a bump - especially on a smaller frame. You can wear a fitted vest/cami then wear a shirt/cardi/jacket or anything else looser on top. This creates a beautiful silhouette.

My advice is look for someones whose style you admire and be inspired. Don't copy though - nothing stylish about clones!

thanks mummy. ok guys, i really need her back - calpol and bed for me.
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